Cyberagile and Evolutive

The digital transformation with DSBrowser

The integrated platform whose 1st stage is dedicated to cybersecurity…

  • Two-Level Strong Authentication
  • Client browser independent from the terminal device
  • VPN for all internet-based applications
  • Access to DSBrowser Cloud through
    an Encrypted Tunnel
  • Data encryption on DSBrowser servers
  • DSBrowser is registered at ANSSI (French Authority for Cybersecurity)

A secured and integrated universe, independent from the hardware device used, which authenticates the user, secures the internet connections and protects the data.

… and whose 2nd stage provides a response to business software needs.

  • Procedural workflow management
  • Business Process Automation
  • Invoice dematerialisation
  • Electronic signature with certificate
  • Electronic document archiving with probative value
  • Data qualification / Data indexation
  • Secured cloud

A secured « free exchange zone » for companies and their business partners and distant employees.


DSBrowser’s universe

Whatever internet application is used, and regardless of whose device,
DSBrowser permanently provides its users with a “ secure bubble ”.


Schéma de fonctionnement de DSBROWSERBUSINESS


Benefits for
our customers
Project steering by users
Simplicity and Agility
Low impact on
IT Department and IT systems
Easy investment
Optimisation of ROI and TCO
An original concept
A global product
Adapted to the specific needs of our customer companies
Standard solution
User’s view
Standard solution
” Secure bubble “
Responses to
the companies needs
Interconnection with
third-party IT
Private outsourced Cloud
Data and applications
Cybersecure access
and connections

A ready-to-use tailor-made tool to manage and control business processes.

A solution that combines security and simplicity, to serve the extended enterprise.

A secured universe, independent from the device used, multi-platform
and non-intrusive.

DSBrowser is a French company